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One of the best ways I keep up with African Tech is via email newsletters. Unlike social media, I guard my inbox quite jealously. Oh by Africa, I mostly mean Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa. But you can slip in my home base Uganda, progressive Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania. Africa has 54 countries and these are just 7. Francophone Africa such as Congo, Cameroon, Ivory coast even though are serious Tech hubs are mostly muted from most Anglophone citizens. The Sahel region or most of North Africa also rarely feature in the conversations.

So which are my favorite Newsletters in no specific order?

Techcabal Daily

Techcabal is incredible. While based in Nigeria, Techcabal newsletter tries to give a 360 degrees view of emerging and trending topics across Africa mostly in the Tech startup sector. They curate the most important stories of the day with brief summarizes. Techcabal publishes from Monday to Friday. The Newsletter usually hits my inbox around 9:00 Am East African time which is perfect way to kick off my day. Techcabal also runs a great Tech website that goes by the same name.

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iAfrikan Daily brief

If you follow African Tech, then you must have come across iAfrikan the website. iAfrikan is a publication that explores how digital technology impacts Africa. They recently revived their Newsletter which is currently being curated by Tefo Mohapi. Tefo usually gives a brief commentary of the most important topic of the day and then adds some interesting links to a few stories you should read about. iAfrikan Daily brief publishes Monday to Friday and hits my inbox about 9:00 East African time.

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Decode Fintech

The Decode Fintech newsletter is a weekly email summary of curated news and original commentary about the who, what, when, why, and how of what’s happening in African fintech. It’s being sponsored by Paystack which itself is a growing Fintech company empowering African businesses receive payments across the globe. It’s also perhaps the first attempt that I know by an African Tech company to invest in content marketing. This newsletter which launched earlier this year curates stories not just from Africa, but around the globe that are relevant to the African context. Alongside the newsletter, they also produce a corresponding podcast. It’s a must follow for anyone interested in the Fintech space.

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The Subtext

The Subtext by Osarumen Osamuyi who’s now Entrepreneur-in-residence at Africa’s Talking is another great Newsletter. Osarumen usually takes deep dive essays into the African Tech industry with his very critical thinking and understanding of the sector. In his own words;

Expect essays examining the mobile internet, levers of adoption, the business of innovation, and mental models showing how [not what] to think about the industry. Join the conversation about history, competitive strategy, and the causes of success and failure in African technology.

The Subtext doesn’t publish regularly, but when they do, it’s usually worth it.

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Digest Africa and Disrupt Africa I believe also have newsletters. I prefer to visit the websites because they have rich content around Startups, Funding news etc. Have I missed any relevant newsletters? Let me know in the coomments below.



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